Friday 17 August 2018

Casino Games - Pachinko

pachinko casino game
Pachinko is Japan’s most popular casino game where the player launches several balls on the machine, which are then dropped on a vertical board with network of pegs. The game is often played for both recreational and gambling purposes.


Pachinko has its origins in the Corinth Game played in Chicago long before appearing in Japan in the 1920s. The first Pachinko machines in Japan were built as a toy for children and were named the Corinth Game.  The game quickly became popular among adults around 1930 in Nagoya before
spreading from there.


Players must purchase pachinko balls to play the game. You can purchase any number of balls between five and a hundred. The player sets the cost of a ball before starting to play. The objective is to gain as many pachinko balls as possible. You then cash out money equal to the number of
remaining balls times the value you set on each ball.

Biggest win

The maximum winning in Pachinko has recently been set at ¥50,000.


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