Thursday, 5 May 2022

Casino Games - Keno

keno casino game
Keno is a popular game played in many casinos today. It is also offered in some lotteries as a game. Although the word keno has French or Latin roots, the game’s origin is China. There’s a legend that the game’s invention saved one of the ancient Chinese cities at a time of war.


Participants in the game wager by choosing numbers starting from 1 through 80. Typically, they
choose 20 numbers, although some variants allow for fewer numbers. Then a computer selects 20 numbers at random. A player is paid based on how many numbers they chose, the numbers that matched the ones chosen by the computer, and their wager. Each casino has its own set payout, also referred to as a paytable.


The probability of setttling on all 20 figures a ticket with 20 spots 1 in a whopping 3.5 quintillion.


Over the years, Keno has produced big winners in different countries, with Mark Roy of Groton winning a total of 300,000 at the same tavern twice in 2017.

Wednesday, 6 April 2022

Casino Games - Bingo

bingo casino game
Bingo is a popular game available in many casinos around the world. The game is played for either cash or various prizes. So popular is the game that close to $100 million is spent every week on the game in North America.


Bingo was first played in 1530 in Italy after the country was unified. At the time, it was called Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia. Since then, the game has been played at weekly intervals in many countries around the world.


There are different variants of Casino Bingo, but the general rules aren’t very different across the games. Players start by buying bingo tickets that have a 5x5 grid. Then the caller randomly chooses numbers and calls each number as players check and mark it on the tickets they bought. A player that completes the winning pattern is determined to be the winner.

Notable winners

In January 2008, Christine Bradfield from Bargoed bagged £1.1 million, which is one of the biggest wins in recent years.

Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Casino Games - Backgammon

backgammon casino game
Backgammon is a common casino game that's played between two players. The game is played on a board with each player starting out with 15 checkers that move between 24 triangles. The game also involves the rolling of two dice.


Backgammon is among the first board games ever invented, having been created about five thousand years ago in Mesopotamia and Persia. The game has garnered a lot of interest from players and scientists alike. Today, the game is still wildly popular in the Middle East and around the world.


Each player’s aim is to beat their opponent in removing their checkers out of the board. Players roll the dice in turns and move their checkers on the board till all pieces are home. The first to do so is the winner.


Some of the fixed probabilities in backgammon are as follows:

Odds of a direct roll of a certain number such as 4 are 30.55%

Odds of getting a given double, like 2-2 are 2.77%

The probability of rolling any double is 16.66%