Thursday 11 October 2018

Casino Games - Caribbean Poker

caribbean poker game
Caribbean poker is a popular casino game with the same rules as a five-card poker, except that players compete against the casino, not each other. This means you can’t use common strategies like bluffing.


While there are conflicting views regarding the origin of Caribbean Poker, there are many who attribute the game’s early beginnings to Michael Titus and Dane Jones. The two supposedly learned the game in the 1980s  in Las Vegas from another gambler.


After placing an ante, players, as well as the bank, are assigned five cards each drawn from a standard 52-card deck. Once the players look at their cards and have seen the face-up card that’s dealt the banker in the beginning, they can either decide to double their stake or surrender to the bank.


The probability of winning with royal flush is 0.000001.

Notable winners

Sam Greenwood, a Canadian, is one of the biggest winners in the game’s history, having walked away with $1 million in 2017.


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