Friday 20 July 2018

Kent Man Wins Big

big casino win
To most of us the idea of winning big on an online casino site is something of a pipe dream. I've had the odd pleasing win here and there but nothing that approached mind boggling amounts of money. With so many online casino sites around though, it pays to remember (literally for some!), that each and every day people really do win it big, to the tune of hundreds of thousands, or even millions. One of these lucky individuals is Kent man who goes by the name of David, and whose story has hit many UK newspapers this week.

The lucky punter experienced his good fortune on the Mansion website, Slots Heaven after signing up to the site just 4 days previous. Talk about having the midas touch! A lucky £10 spin on the Playtech progressive jackpot, Gladiator Jackpot resulted in an impressive win of  £1,371,621.61 for the lucky Kent man.

This was Mansion Casinos biggest ever jackpot winner, and as such they flew out to meet David and present him with a cheque (pictured).  Karel Manasco, the company CEO commented “We are absolutely delighted that one of our players hit this jackpot – £1.3 million is a truly life-changing amount of money. We pride ourselves on offering members the ultimate experience, and will continue to do so.”

David, after winning big, had this to say, “You only ever dream about that kind of money, and today it’s come true.” He continued, “My first splurge will be to give the boys an amount of money each, that will set them up for the rest of their lives.”

"The feeling of winning such a large amount of money is truly beyond my belief, no more worries and the boys are set for life – thank you.”


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