Thursday 17 May 2018

Casino Games - Wheel of Fortune

wheel of fortune casino game
Wheel of fortune has, since its creation, been right up there as one of the most popular slot games there is. The game consists of a vertical wheel with 54 slots that have dollar symbols ranging from $1 to $20 on them, besides the joker and casino logo. Players bet on the denomination they think will win
before the wheel is spun.


The first wheel of fortune machine was made by IGT in 1996 based on some elements taken off a TV show by the same name. Over the years, the game has spread to casinos everywhere.


A player must place a bet on a particular symbol among the ones on the wheel table. After the bet, the wheel is then spun. If it comes to a stop with the pointer indicating the symbol you had placed your bet on, you win.


The probability of the wheel resting on any chosen number is 0.052632

Big winners

Recently, Linda H. of Thornwood from New York became the biggest winner in the history of Empire City Casino when she won $961,411.81.


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