Friday 25 May 2018

Wheel of Fortune Player Wins Big!

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Casino wins in the US are often like no other. Whereas in a UK a win of a hundred thousand pounds plus would be seen as somewhat 'stand out', in the US the sky really is the limit. Case in point is a stunning $3 million win this month in none other than Las Vegas, at the Silverton hotel-casino, at Blue Diamond Road and Dean Martin Way.

How much did the player stake to win this life changing amount, I hear you ask? Nothing beyond what anyone would be capable of waging as it happens, a meagre  $5 wager on the Wheel of Fortune Winning Wedges Video Slots.

The win was the largest ever at the casino in question, and the biggest Wheel of Fortune win of 2018. It goes to show how many big winners there are, considering it's only the biggest Wheel of Fortune win this year, rather than for a longer period of time. The total win was  $3,225,240, Not bad for a day's work. Does anyone have a spare fiver?


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