Friday 30 March 2018

Not a bad day's work!

casino win
Once again we're keeping an eye on any big recent casino wins, both online and offline, that stand out from the crowd. This time though, we've decided to go for a fairly hefty win but nothing that's 'too good to be true'. It's good to highlight win's that have a doable / achievable feel to them, rather than solely mind bogglingly big wins that look like a one in a million shot.

As such, the May win that stood out for me was a bet won on Casumo by an online gambler called Dennis, from Burton upon Trent. In a situation not dissimilar from that many of us no doubt  experience, Dennis was down to the last £20 in his account. Unlike most of us though, whose prayers go unanswered, this fortunate gambler won a very nice £65k win (£65,826 to be precise) from his tiny £2 bet.

An excited Dennis said: “I hit the jackpot around midnight and then I just couldn’t sleep. I was too excited and too much in disbelief to be able to settle."

“I did try to catch some z’s but after a couple of hours of tossing and turning I just ran downstairs to get the laptop and check if the win was real and still there.”

I can imagine reacting the same way if I'd experienced such a tidy win on an online casino site! In his generosity, Dennis has given part of his winnings to his two children, has booked a holiday for himself and his wife,  has plans to finish home renovations, and possible car shopping. Be careful Dennis, it's a nice sum of money but it won't last forever at this rate!


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