Wednesday 9 November 2022

New Zealand Grandmother wins $28.16 million Lotto Jackpot

After discovering $28.16 million had been won on her Powerball ticket, an Auckland, New Zealand grandmother has had a life-changing start to her week.

She buys Lotto tickets "from time to time" and bought a Triple Dip ticket in advance of Saturday night's draw - but didn't think much about it.

When she decided to check her little yellow ticket while out shopping on Monday, she discovered just how lucky she had been.

First Division Winner

I ran a few tickets through the self-checker to make sure they were correct. A bonus ticket was one of them, which I thought was pretty good - then when I scanned the next ticket, the words 'First Division' appeared on the screen," said the winner.

I asked the lady at the counter to check the ticket again for me since I couldn't make sense of it. Suddenly the owner of the store appeared and pointed at the ‘Big Winner Sold Here’ sign and whispered to me, ‘That’s you!’

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My heart started racing. By that stage, I was shaking and crying, I was so overwhelmed. The owner ushered me out to the back of the store to tell me how much I'd won and to handle all the paperwork privately."

The winner called her daughter to meet her at home, and the daughter’s first thought was that there was a family emergency. She couldn’t believe the news her mom told her.

After safely claiming her prize, the woman pauses to consider what she will do with her winnings but said she would love to buy a house and spoil all of her family.

“I feel so incredibly lucky - we won this and it will make such a huge difference to our family,” said the woman.


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