Monday 1 March 2021

Casino Games - Red Dog

Red dog poker is a variant of acey-deucey that’s played in many casinos. The game, like other variations of poker, is played with cards and players rely on chance to win. Many casinos
feature this game online, although its popularity on land was at its peak years ago.


Red Dog’s History in the US goes back to the 1800s when it was called In-Between. But, due to its rules that made the game extremely easy to cheat, the game's popularity among the natives suffered. In 1931, the game was reintroduced upon legalization of gambling in Las Vegas. This time, new rules were formulated to go with the game’s new name.


Red dog poker is played with three cards at any given time. The cards are given the same ranking as in poker: aces being high and suit irrelevant. Then the players make a wager, and two cards
are put on the table, face up. From the three possible outcomes of the game, a decision is made on how to proceed.


When using a 6-card deck, the probability of a spread of one is 0.077419.

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