Tuesday 16 April 2019

Poker Player Doubles Down on Roulette

Professional poker player Jake Cody had already had a night to remember during the UK Poker Championships at the Dusk Till Dawn casino in Nottingham. The high roller event he joined wasn't cheap by any means, coming in at £2,200, but he managed to win, which led to him pocketing a very healthy £42,000. Most would've called it a night at that stage, but some among us just aren't scared of tempting fate it seems.

In hoping for a win that would firmly place the cherry on the cake, Cody decided to bet the entire amount on black on the roulette wheel. Yes, you heard me right, over £42,000 on one spin of a wheel. Whether madness or cockiness brought him to this point I'm not sure, but essentially he had a 50-50 shot (unless he's unfortunate enough for the ball to land on zero) of winning.

Onlookers gathered and recorded on their phones (see video) as the wheel was set to spin. Would Jake Cody double his money of end up with egg of his face?

After a wait of what seems forever, the ball landed....... and it landed on black, meaning that Jake had doubled his £42,670 win to almost £86,000.

This isn't the pro poker player's first big win. Not long ago he won an impressive £750,000 at a European poker tournament event in Normandy and prior to that £273,000 in a London based poker tournament. It's thought that his total winnings over the past few years is in the ballpark of £2.5 million. With that in mind, I suppose £42,670 on the spin of a wheel isn't as daring as it might first appear. It's all a matter of perspective!


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