Thursday 5 May 2022

Casino Games - Keno

keno casino game
Keno is a popular game played in many casinos today. It is also offered in some lotteries as a game. Although the word keno has French or Latin roots, the game’s origin is China. There’s a legend that the game’s invention saved one of the ancient Chinese cities at a time of war.


Participants in the game wager by choosing numbers starting from 1 through 80. Typically, they
choose 20 numbers, although some variants allow for fewer numbers. Then a computer selects 20 numbers at random. A player is paid based on how many numbers they chose, the numbers that matched the ones chosen by the computer, and their wager. Each casino has its own set payout, also referred to as a paytable.


The probability of setttling on all 20 figures a ticket with 20 spots 1 in a whopping 3.5 quintillion.


Over the years, Keno has produced big winners in different countries, with Mark Roy of Groton winning a total of 300,000 at the same tavern twice in 2017.


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