Sunday 14 January 2018

High Roller Brit Wins Big!

high roller
One lucky Brit held his nerve and was handsomely rewarded for doing so in September of last year at the Aria casino resort in Las Vegas. The winner known as Nick, was betting a staggering $5000 per spin. Many would see that as being a crazy amount to bet on each individual spin so this man clearly has very deep pockets to begin with.

Those pockets will no doubt be even deeper now though, as he was recorded winning not one, not two, but three huge jackpot pay outs. The first of which was an eye spinning $1,000,000, leading Nick to announce  “Three white sevens. One million…lovely.”  The second win was a very sizeable $400,000 and the third another $400,000. That's $1.8 million in total, or £1.3m in total.

All of the time during the clip, the man's friends are seen talking and enjoying themselves in the background. Multiple sources appear to believe that the video is certainly genuine, and it's been featured on a number of notable newspaper websites too.

Filming is actually banned in Vegas casinos, but when punters win big many of them are more than happy for their establishment to be publicised.


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