Tuesday 21 November 2017

Casino - Oscar’s Grind

Oscar’s Grind as a betting strategy uses the assumption that gambling results come in streaks of wins and losses. Mostly used in Roulette, it seeks to keep increasing the betting stake during the positive streaks, and low when you’re not winning (progressive strategy). It divides the gambling event into a 'betting units’ and 'sessions.’

A betting unit is an amount of money that you start out with at the onset of a gambling event, while a session is the time it takes to earn profit of another one unit. Every time you win, your unit doubles. This goes on until your units increase to four, at which time you begin again at one unit. Every time you lose, you place another bet of a similar amount.

Let’s simplify that by looking at an example:

Assume you have 1000 dollars bankroll, which you divide into units of ten dollars.

Session 1:

Bet £10 and lose – Bet another £10
Lose the second £10- Bet another £10
Win £10 on third £10- Bet £20
Win £20 on new stake- End of session

So, here, you set out with £10, which you staked twice without winning. The third stake won you £10, and you placed an extra unit, which won you another £20. In total you have spent £30, and now have £40. The difference is one unit of profit, so the session is done, and you go back to another session which you start out with £10.

The upside of this strategy, whose first documentation was in Allan Wilson’s 1965 book, The Casino Gambler’s Guide, is that every gambling session ends in profit.

The downside is that it requires too much time to keep profits going, which are not assured because of streaks of losses. Also, the length of a session cannot be expressly determined. Essentially, it keeps the gambler hooked.

Oscar’s Grind is also commonly referred to as Hoyle’s Press or Pluscoup Progression within gambling circles by the pros.


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