Tuesday 12 September 2017

Bad Beat = Good Times

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Maybe losing isn't always the worst outcome. I think that applies to life in general, as arguably you learn a lot more from failure than you do from successes. Perhaps that doesn't always apply to casino games, but it certainly did on this occasion.

Joseph Skipsey, 27, left a Hull, UK Grosvenor casino £13,000 better off after experiencing a 'bad beat' during a poker game. Skipsey isn't a regular casino goer by any means, he just headed there with friends on a rare night out, so I'm sure this win (as result of losing!) was a bigger surprise to him than anyone else in the room.

The bad beat in the context here, occurred in a Dealer Dealt Text Hold’em cash game, and involves a player losing when it's especially unlikely that they'll do so.

Joseph said: “I go to the casino about once a month with my friends, I only went with about £50! It worked out very well for me I suppose. In my head, I knew I had quite a good hand and would qualify for the bad beat but was still shocked."


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